Carpet finishes

Hacotec has a lot to offer in the field of carpet finishing. Whether it concerns custom-made carpets in special shapes or large series of standard rugs. Area rugs can be finished in various ways, such as festooning, blind binding, linen binding, felt binding, leather binding and volume finishing. This is all possible in combination with a glued non-slip backing. We are always open to look at other possibilities together with you.

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Quality , speed and capacity

With a production area of over 4000m², well-trained staff and our own transport, Hacotec can take care of every project down to the last detail. We use the most modern machines so that any shape and size is possible. Each carpet is carefully checked, cleaned and packed in our packing line.

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Want to know more ?

Call or email us for advice. Our experts are happy to advise you on the wide choice of materials, finishes and applications of carpets, samples and project upholstery.