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We work together with various target groups to offer the best tailor-made solutions. Carpet suppliers, interior shops, project upholsterers and interior architects are assured of high quality and craftsmanship with us.

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Carpet finishes

Whether it concerns (CNC) cutting, festooning, banding, gluing, punching, welding, anti-slip or manufacturing volume carpets, we have the expertise, techniques and machines in house to meet all your wishes and those of your customer. In close cooperation with carpet suppliers and carpet manufacturers, we arrive at the best innovative solutions for every application. We also provide prefab cutting of carpet for cruise ships and airplanes.

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Project upholstery

Together with project upholsterers, interior shops and interior architects, we ensure that customers always receive the best tailor-made solutions. Our experts have extensive experience in various applications and can manufacture custom floor coverings and rugs for different purposes. Whether it concerns carpet, PVC strips, linoleum or vinyl, we always have the right solution for your project. We offer project upholstery for various environments. You can think of offices, tiny houses and hotels.


From idea to end product

We bring your ideas and projects to life with our expertise and craftsmanship. The possibilities are endless. You think of it and we make it. You can think of finishes such as banding, festoning, volume, gluing, cutting, punching, welding and anti-slip and products such as acoustic panels, carpet skirting boards and stair treads. In addition, we provide custom-made sample presentations for shops and pom boxes for interior architects. We also make various interior items from felt. These items are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and completely custom made. You have also come to the right place for the development of your own unique carpet line with branding. From idea to production, we take care of every detail to meet your specific requirements.

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Want to know more ?

Call or email us for advice. Our experts are happy to advise you on the wide choice of materials, finishes and applications of carpets, samples and project upholstery.