Hacotec has had experience in making steel for 40 years. For example, samples can be made of carpet, PVC strips, vinyl, carpet tiles, leather, yarns, etc. In any desired size and shape. Together with you we can develop a sample presentation of your product. Placing high-quality samples on the market is still an important tool for drawing attention to your product.


quality , speed and capacity

Hacotec has self-developed, computer-controlled gluing machines, punching machines, cutting machines, embossing machines and stitching machines. Because we have everything in-house, we can quickly realize your sample presentation. This can be from a few sample samples to large series.

Hacotec Oss BV (3) Hacotec Oss BV (3) Hacotec Oss BV (3)

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Call or email us for advice. Our experts are happy to advise you on the wide choice of materials, finishes and applications of carpets, samples and project upholstery.