Project upholstery

Project upholstery is also one of the services that Hacotec can provide, whether it concerns laying carpet, linoleum, PVC strips. With our self-trained upholsterers, we have everything in-house to supervise and take care of the project from A-to-Z. For example, we have experience in the field of project upholstery for trains (the Dutch Railways), tiny houses, carpets in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Frans Hals Museum Haarlem and prefab cutting of carpet for cruise ships and airplanes.

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quality , speed and capacity

Due to short lines with both supplier and customer, Hacotec can deliver and install quickly. To guarantee quality, we only work with a fixed group of upholsterers. Due to our flexibility, we take your planning into account. Hacotec strives to completely unburden your project.

Project upholstering tiny houses

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Want to know more ?

Call or email us for advice. Our experts are happy to advise you on the wide choice of materials, finishes and applications of carpets, samples and project upholstery.